Clean FloorWhat is SDS?

Safety Data Sheet or SDS, is a product information sheet designed for emergency personnel and workers in direct contact with a product on a day to day basis.  SDSs provide information related to the products composition, first aid information, appropriate storage, as well as suitable ways to handle the product. 

Additionally, an SDS will provide steps to take in the event of an accident, and manufacturer contact information.

How to Obtain an SDS?

Many products are shipped with the SDS included in the packaging.  However, should you need to obtain one for any product purchased from Treat’s Solutions, you can request one by the following methods:

Phone (405) 787-8222 or Email treats [at] treatssolutions [dot] com.

If you know the product manufacturer, you can access their website directly with the following links:

SSS Hillyard Brulin
Kutol Deb SBS